Hard drives not recognised.

Can't read drive Hdd: WD750 Scorpion Blue. Disk stop working, bios recognise it but "can't read a disk" message on screen. Plates are spining and some 'click' sound before system losing conection. Full spec of the problem is listed at http://www.recover-deleted-data.co.uk/

a computer's hard disk driveNo data on WHS2011 Two mirrored data drives on WHS 2011. the mirrored drive has a mechanical problem (ticking noises) and is clearly faulty. When removed, WHS identified original master hard disk as "Foreign", and so I "imported" it, but it then required setup as one of a number of types. i am not sure whether the import has already destroyed the data, or whether one of the subsequent steps will do that. I have also bought a near identical replacement for the mirror and installed that (but not configured it yet). However, WHS is now reporting the master hard disk as bad and won't oncepast the initial WHS load image just gives a blank screen.

Hard drive not recognised I have an internal hard drive that is no longer recognised by the computer. It is a Samsung Model HD501LJ 500GB. Power appears to be getting to the drive but there is just a clicking noise. Ther are a lot of photos that I would like to recover as well as music and documents. Please could you give me a quote for recovery of the photos/docs etc.

Dropped external hard drive I dropped my External Hard disk (Samsung M3 portable 2TB) . It is making a noise and it is not recognized on any computer.

Hard drive dropped about half a metre in it's external case. It switches on but fails to read when plugged into the laptop. This is obviously a mechanical failure, I took it apart and I could see the swing arm stuttering. What is a quote on getting this hard drive (Seagate 1TB – 10 years old) going again?

Hard drive failure symptoms

An external 2T WD (My Passport) harddisk has gone wonky on me. I used Windows drag & drop to move several directory trees on it, but am now faced with a disk that contains only a fraction of the files actually moved over. Unless you have ideas about what I could do myself, I have no doubt that this'll become my third harddisk for you to work on. To provide the full picture, here's the sequence of failures, symptoms and events that led up to it:

– HD bought a couple of weeks ago, and not used previously.

– Reformatted (NRFS) and checked (HD Tune) for SMART status, which was not perfect (is it ever?) but good enough.

– Connected source disk and this one to same USB3 PCIe card connectors. Machine is a Win7 desktop that is more or less up to date with updates.

– Over some four days, with shutdowns in between, moved (not copied…) about 1T of data on to it. Largest chunk was the last one, at about 600G.

– No problems occurred at all.

– Checked everything was there (it was) after the last move, which took a satisfying 4 hours.

– Shut down, at least an hour after the last move and after checking all was good, but BSOD (so: after the last move no successful shutdown or disconnect had been done).

– Reboot.

– No complaints about the disk from Windows, no checkdsk offered or whatever.

– Ran a small utility that calculates file fingerprints (inc. checksums) for the entire disk to a file in (nearly) the root directory. This finished much too quickly, but generated no errors.

– On inspection of the disk, only a small percentage of files was left. Where files are missing, only empty directories are left (although some unix, or rather cygwin, utilities do not even recognise them as directories anymore. But Windows does).

– Windows reports the disk as not nearly full enough (in the top 'Computer' view), but (and this is only a feeling) as fuller that I'd expect for the measly few files left on it. I could be wrong here, but it did look surprising.

– No further write actions have been done to the disk, and I left checkdsk well alone nt wanting to do anything at all that might salvaging the files more difficult or impossible.

That's the situation!

What can you say from these symptoms? Is this a pattern that you recognise? And most importantly: is there hope?

Hard drive help across the UK

G DRIVE mobile USB model 0G04451 The disk has got damaged port USB but another company requested over 2000 pounds for data recover so probably there is a electronic issues.


map of uk

Hi guys – its an 240GB SSD.. just not booting up from BIOS anymore. Need some data off it. Are you able to assist?

It is an old hard drive (circa 6 years) The hard drive is not recognised on any computer and the disk does not seem to be initiating

Western digital ext hdd portable drive beeps not responsive need to recover data. I'm in Tunbridge Wells.

WD passport 320gb power has died, seek quote for data recovery and transfer to another device

Having problems accessing data. WD My Passport Ultra light on and making screecy bleep sound. Showing under devices but no files.

My laptop has been dropped and I have been advised the hard drive is physically damaged. There was some data on it which I did not backup but is critical to my business. There are 2 specific files on an 'SQL server' on the computers hard drive which I need (the Hard drive has now been removed from the computer and replaced). Is this something you could look at, if so what are the costs and timescales involved. I am based in Clitheroe.

Mechanical failure of 2TB Seagate external HD. Can i post this to nearest centre (Glasgow), as i live in north of Scotland?. I turned my laptop on and the hardrive stopped working, a clicking noise was heard at first but it does not make any noises but does power on by the light just is not recognisable by PC. It is a WD Mac External HD. I want the data recovered and the hard drive repaired if possible. Message says Cannot read/access hard drive

Was given a USB 2.5" 500Gb Western Digital external hard drive by an employee who said it just stopped working. I could clearly hear it clicking once attached to a USB port. Disk Management shows the disk as Not Initialized. I opened up the unit to see if releasing the arm would help (I have previously had success with this, but not this time). Do you think this is something you may be able to assist with? Are you able to provide costs for this service, both in the event of success or failure?

Dropped and water damaged iPhones

My wife's iPhone 6 (running iOS 10x) decided to brick itself today. It was running slowly and when she rebooted it's got stuck in a bootloop. She doesn't really care about the phone, but it's full of pictures and videos of our 3 month old baby and she would like to recover them. This problem and the others below can be sent to a specialist in phone recovery such as http://phone-recovery.pen.io/.

Dropped iphone and it is completely broken beyond repair (already taken it to the apple shop). None of the photos are backed up through iCloud so want to know if there is a way to recover the photos from the broken phone.

dropped iphoneDropped Iphone and it broken beyond repair, already tried to get it fixed at apple store. My photos are not backed up through iCloud so want to know if there is a way for you to recover the photos stored on the broken phone.

Help water damaged iPhone 5s Will not switch on at all Have taken to my local phone repair shop but they have said it's completely dead Is it worth you having a look? Can you do anything they can't? I don't car about the phone I just want to pictures back

I completely broke my iPhone 5s to a point beyond repair (water damage and a severe drop (front screen has come off)). I'm not looking to repair the phone but I am looking to get the data off of it , particularly the photos stored on the phone if possible? I was just wondering what the likelihood the photos are of being retrievable and if you are able/ know of who is able to complete the task.

Phone won't turn on stuck on apple sign. This will sound ridiculous and i feel like an absolute idiot but I went snorkeling with my phone in my pocket. This was while on my honey moon, so there are a fair few photos i would like to retrieve. Ive dried out the phone and removed the sim card. Now i know the phone is gone, too many of its circuits will be damaged beyond repair. However if the photos are retrievable that would be bloody amazing! Phone number above is for my phone i don't have a replacement yet.

iPhones not showing up

My iPhone was disabled after the screen cracked and would like to retrieve my photos before resetting phone to be able to use it. Could you please advise on cost so I can decide whether to just reset or not. It's not showing up

iPhone will not switch not and data is not saved to icloud. Can you retrieve from the phone?

I have a few old phones all with the same problem, they are completely dead. It's not showing up and I have tried all the tricks that's recommended, resets, new battery, new charger etc with no luck whatsoever. I have a lot of sentimental pictures and videos on these phones and was wondering if these would be able to be retrieved, and if so how much it would be.

I submerged my iPhone 5S in water. Dried it out (rice for one week). If I try to charge it, the apple logo comes on and off but that's all. Last back up onto macbook was about 2 months ago. Main thing I would want to recover is the photos taken since then.

Would like to retrieve photos and videos from a non charging phone. Would like quotation of cost pls.

I dropped my iPhone into water yesturday and it is now completely unresponsive and won't turn on at all, I have never backed anything up to iTunes or the cloud. After reading some interesting posts which told me what exactly had happened and what I can realistically expect back I'm primarily concerned about my photos as I have so many that I still want access to so I was wondering if there is any possibility you can retrieve the photos at all and put them onto a memory stick or something

My kid messed up with my iphone 5 password and it got locked. After many unsuccessful attempts it finally got disabled. I would like to retrieve all the videos and photos. Could you help? Is it possible?

My son broke the front glass in ipad 2 and hi was unable to type proper code and now the ipad is disabled . There is any chance to get back photos and videos from it. I know the code but there is no option to type it. ipad is disabled

My iPhone 6s switches on until Apple logo appears, then goes back off. Connected to laptop but doesn't seem to have made any difference. Prior to this, the phone would freeze quite frequently and temporarily erase all photos – then gradually come back.

iPhone 6S has been disabled. Need recovery of photos/videos please.

iPhone 6S is water damaged and will not switch on, tried to get it repaired but was unable to be fixed.

Latest data recovery questions

Hi there. In this post I'd like to thank the people at the Data Recovery Tips web site (http://data-recovery-tips.co.uk/) for letting me talk about various hard drive recovery enquiries they've received.

My daughter is in Australia and has just accidentally reformatted her external hard drive. She had it connected to TV to record something. She thought it was her boyfriend's connected. It said Not compatible and asked if she wanted to reformat so she said Yes. Is all lost? She is actually having a complete panic attack on the other side of the world because all of her travel photos are on it and she is in bits. Can you help?

busted hard drive

We have a failed drive on one of our laptops it holds important information, ive tried accessing it several ways to extract the information but nothing detects the drive at all could you please give me a price for recovery

Western Digital My Passport Ultra 1Gb 2 year old son knocked off it off table onto carpeted floor. Assumed it would be OK – plugged it into Linux on laptop – hd led light on and then started beeping – 3 beeps, 3 beeps and 9 beeps for a couple of minutes and stops, activity light stays on. lsusb command on Linux sees hard drive but it can't be mounted. HD has wedding photos on and large film archive I'd like to recover. Approx – 500Gb used.

My 500GB sold state WD external HD dosn't show up anymore on my Mac desktop. I would like to know how would it cost to repair.

When i plug the hard drive into my laptop it does not connect. I can hear the disc inside the device turning within the drive itself the device is the Seagate Expansion 2TB USB 3.0 Portable 2.5 inch External Hard Drive.

I plugged my external hard drive into a new laptop and accidentally deleted all files.

We appear to have a failed HDU from a users laptop and we require some email archive's recovering from it please if possible.

Samsung 128gb micro sdxc card seems completely dead. I've tried it in a few machines and it's not recognised by any of them.

The Harddrive is click when powered up8rpn. Not decteding and scratches on platter

I have a 2TB Expansion Portable hard drive from Seagate. Several months ago the port on the drive came loose, so I superglued it so that it was no longer loose. This was fine until a couple of weeks ago when it came loose again and so I superglued it again. Unfortunately I think I have superglued it incorrectly as I can no longer connect it to my laptop and neither my laptop nor the hard drive register that it has been plugged in. Please help me :(

How Do I Recover My Data?

In this post I've been asked by 3 separate people about how to get back back - my advice is to go to a data recovery firm. You can expect to pay around about £500.

I have a WD My Passport Ultra 2TB external harddrive, and it's become corrupted! I'm not sure how – I haven't dropped it, though I do carry it around a lot so it's possible to got knocked in transit. I have a lot of data on there I would like to recover – could you let me know how much this would cost, and how long it would take?

I have Toshiba external drive STORE.E PARTNER. I have not used this drive for about 2 months but today when I connected it to my laptop I just get a message on screen that usb device cannot be recognized. I tried to connect with another cable ( I have second hard drive which works on these cables )and to another computer but the drive is not working. It seems that there is a problem with power- blue light is not showing and it is not making any noise. Are you able to recover date from this disk or repair it.

Seagate external hard drive not recognised by any computer when plugged in. It also has a flashing blue light when plugged in but will not show up on pc, also can hear ticking noise, not knowing dropped, last used when transferring large amounts of data across from old pc laptop that we no longer have

I have an external Samsung hard drive. When I plug it in with windows, I cannot see it under windows. When plug in it makes a small noise for 30s then do nothing.

My external drive has stopped working. I am not sure what the problem is. The outside looks damaged and when I plug it in it makes a odd noise and the PC and Mac don't recognise it at all. It would be great to hear from you whether there's a chance to recover files from it. Would you be able to give me an estimate of how much would it cost?

Hard Drives Need Data Off

Dropped laptop and then it was being very slow. I then turned it off and when I switched it back on it came up with the following message: "repairing disk errors – might take over an hour to complete". It has been hours and nothing has changed.

The hard drive on my laptop is damaged (due to being closed with force) and comes up with an error message when you try to turn it on. All I want is to retrieve the pictures of my son, I don't need anything else. If you could help that would be great!

Buffalo HDHSQ

An external hard drive, a Buffalo HD-HSQ(V2) Drive Station Combo 4, is failing to mount and be read by computers. It makes clicking noises for 30 seconds when powered but other wise cannot be read.

Drive does not open when connected to computer, able to hear the drive spinning when powered up but unable to find the drive – seagate barracuda 2Tb. How much would it cost to repair/recover the data from this drive?

The external hard drive is a WD5000AAKB-00UKA0. It fell over on the table and the laptop now fails to recognise it. On startup the sieve rotates and tries to initiate but after a number of attempts it shuts down.

My computer (MacBook) doesn't recognise my external hard drive (Samsung). It does make a sound and the light is on but it doesn't appear on the desktop. It happens when I was copying some files from the drive to the computer and my computer froze and needed to restart Finder but then the drive didn't appear any longer.

When I plugged in the hard drive, it emits a periodic mechanical beep/grind. I unplugged the drive relatively quickly. It hasn't been dropped etc.

I have a verbatim external hard drive that is no longer being recognised on any lap top or pc. I was wondering if you could give me a quote for how much it would cost to retrieve the data.

I dropped the hard drive from about 1.5m in height and it hit a table on its way down. I plugged the hard drive in to check if it still worked and got a clicking noise for a few seconds then it went quiet but could not be found when opening windows explorer. However when I went to eject the disk safely it was recognised as a device there. I'm trying to get a quote for how much it would cost to recover the data from the drive.

How much does it cost to recover data from an external hard drive. It is a Seagate SATA drive, the power light comes on but the computer does not recognise it is connected. i have a toshiba canvio 4tb drive the pcb is faulty the model number is MD04ACA400 HDETR11GEA51 G3626A 3.5 inch could you source a new board for me

RAID 5 Data Recovery

lenovo raid serverI have a lenovo ix4-300d with 4 bays, each with a 2TB HDD in a RAID5. This evening it reported a data storage fault and auto-recovery email. Then a data protection reconstruction completed but with some potential data loss. When accessing the share it appeared as though half of the data that was present was missing from the share. I checked the interface and it showed an error with bay 1 that had a recoverable error. However, following a data integrity check and reboot the device came back online with only 1 drive showing data and prompting an overwrite of drive 3 which i didn't activate. I replaced the drive in bay 1 with a new 2TB HDD and rebooted to try and rebuild, suspecting it was drive 1 that had finally broken, again, prompted to overwrite but this time on drive 1 (the new replacement disk) i couldn't get the lenovo to overwrite the new disk 1, and was stuck in this state. Had to cold power down the box and replaced the original disk 1 back in the device. When the box was online, no shares were present at all, and the device was prompting an overwrite of the drive in bay 3 which i've ignored.

The automated errors sent on email state: "Storage failed and some data loss may have occurred. Multiple drives may have either failed or been removed from your storage system." At this point, decided to contact Data Clinic (http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/raid-data-recovery/). I'm happy to send the entire unit up to you and have a screen shot from this very morning with the size (2.32TB) and number of files (138,163) that should be across the 4 bays in the RAID5. Would appreciate an initial email on Monday rather than call back to advise of likely costs of review and data retrieval. Happy to send 2x 5TB external HDDs with the lenovo for backups.

We have an old windows 2003 server that we inherited from a merger and need to keep running for a legacy database. The server now won't boot. We suspect it to be a hardware fault but not entirely sure what at this stage. The RAID disks seem to be ok and the data intact as we can access it when we use a caddy attached to another computer. We cant get it to boot in another computer though and it just wants to run a windows repair and we don't have the administrator password. We basically need to get this disk booting into Windows again so that we can access the database. Again, this is another job for the RAID recovery experts at Data Clinic.

Windows 2003 server fault

Water Structuring App needs data

In this post I'm looking at something a little out of the ordinary - I'm looking at pulling the data from a hard drive that hosted a vibrational water structuring program called H2O - http://h2oapp.online/. Now if you are wondering what water structuring is, it's all to do with frequency and vibration - you can learn more about water structuring and the natural cycle of water at http://naqwa.com/community/articles/water-structuring/

H2O water structuring app

The hard drive in question contained a lot of frequencies that are used in sound healing. It turns out that there are frequencies for most things and all that is required is for us to resonate at that frequency. For example, an opera singer can shatter a wine glass by singing at a precise frequency, similarly bugs can be killed by exact frequencies and a state of euphoria can be induced by another. It's all very interesting.

Anyway, the hard drive had fallen into some water and was not longer turning or vibrating. Fortunately no water had got inside the internal mechanics of the hard drive. To get the data off the hard drive it was a case of matching the controller board to one of a similar sound frequency (mixed metaphors there). This was achieved and the valuable water structuring information was retrieved from the hard drive. It's now being put to use putting frequencies, vibration and intention into water.

It's not often that something completely new comes along, but this is one of those things. I feel it's time to broaden my horizons and look further at the H2O water structuring app. My chakras could always do with balancing and I notice there is a custom database in the app to that contains specialised frequencies for achieving certain results - eg. a healthy mind, a general detoxification, as well as several water structuring frequencies. I think I'll head over to the app store now - I know the H2O web site has the download links on it too.

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