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Galaxy s7Two cases in this latest post of people wanting their phone data recovered. I am seeing more and more phone related data recovery enquiries.

I dropped my Samsung Galaxy S7 in the sea 2 weeks ago in New Zealand. The phone still rings & vibrates, but the screen is damaged & cannot see anything. Would love to know if you can recover any of my photos etc I only dropped it in about 2 inches of water for about 1 minute.

Iphone 4s stuck on apple/recovery screen. Tried various resets to no avail… Up to date itunes backup not available. Only option left seems to be hard reset with loss of data. Possibly happened when son either initiated software update or reset – unsure. Would like to recover photos

In general, when dealing with phone recovery an absolute DO NOT DO is to reset your phone back to factory defaults. Data recovery from a phone after this operating has been performed is a very hit and miss affair - so if you value your data, don't factory reset your phone


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