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CCTV footage required

I have a swan cctv camera that records for 30 days, I have phoned swan to trace back to 28/05/17 . But it has exceded the 30 day period, I was wondering if you would be able to retrieve the date in question. I have a Western Digital WD5000AAKB. Unfortunately there a plastic piece that separates the individual discs has broken. Please can you confirm if this is a part that you could assist in supplying?

swann cctv system

I have a Freecom external hard drive running CCTV system that I bought in about 2006. It's been sitting in a cupboard for the past 5 years. Since 2012 I've stored everything on dropbox. But this harddrive has 6 years of photos on it. I recently powered it on, and it doesn't sound like the disk is spinning like it used to, and the power light on the front is flashing. I'd like to see if I could get this recovered.

Hard drive in Seagate Back up Plus 2TB portable drive. First Prob: Not recognised in USB3. port Second Prob: Gets very hot Third Prob. Started making whirring noise then clicking noise, then silent! Now removed from caddy and have bare 2TB drive. Drive not dishantled or has any physical damage.

CCTV footage is needed from 2/6/17 from 22.30pm to midnight. When I went to make a copy of this footage, it didn't show up even though I had seen it before. I tried different dates and I could see footage from the 9th onwards but nothing before that even though I had seen footage from before that preiviously.

Scratching noise, then crashed, no can no longer boot from hard drive. It tried to repair itself once. Has been plugged into another laptop and although it recognizes the hard drive, it can not read any data on it. I am a school teacher and my external hard drive has stopped working. The IT technicians have checked it and said that the hard drive is broken but the information on it should be retrievable.

CCTV data recovery requires specific CODECs in order to recover and play the files. My advice is to go to the manufacturers web site and check which CODECs their hardware uses.


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