London Hard Drive Recovery

Hard drive recovery in London is in demand at the moment with the number of computer disk drives and mobile phones that are losing their data for one reason or another:

2 x Samsung HD spin but dont connect. One is intermittently connecting but one seems fully dead. Lighs are on but nothing else. All I want is the data from them, then they can be binned.

computer store londonI've been trying to get my old IDE hard drive to work on my new PATA drive PC so I can back data up from a computer I owned a number of years ago. Bought an IDE usb hub and whilst attempting to access the drive has been making ticking sounds and not being recognised by Windows. Opened HDD case using a clean air filter for no more than 30 seconds, and the head is stuck which confirmed my suspicions. Please could you provide me with a quote for data recovery? I'm currently being quoted £350 – £650, which unfortunately is too much for me financially. Could you confirm whether this is the going rate for recovery of this model of HDD? I was hoping it would be £150 – £200 max to be honest. Thanks in advance.

I have a Samsung 840 (p/n MZ7TD128HAFV-000L1) which suddenly stop functioning. The SSD is not recognised by the laptop at all. What I am looking for is a quote for recovering the data.

Connection point between external hard drive and USB cable has failed. Contains personal copies of technical engineering data. Would like to recover all the data if possible. Hard drive : Seagate expansion portable drive Model SRD00F1 I am currently out of the country but will be in London on 14/3/17 so can come with drive to your Data Clinic centre there on 15/3/17 if it is possible to transfer the information.

I am currently abroad in Cyprus and wanted to know if it was possible to send you a failed laptop drive for recovery. I believe it was from the Lenovo usb power plug being forced into the usb port of the laptop which caused it to short circuit. I just wanted to know if this would be an option for me and also what would be the expected cost if a successful recovery was possible. Please let me know if we could arrange something.

I have just moved house and an old external hard drive has just stopped working/packed in and I wanted to recover the data and place it on a new passport drive. Would like to know what the chances are of recovering the data and costs?

I have a 2tb HDD from a WD MyBook Live that suddenly decided it would no longer boot. I removed the drive from it's enclosure and tried to mount it on a Linux machine, which reported a bad superblock on the partition with the data on it.

Hi, basically I have a hard disk and live near to London, one of the chips on the bottom of the drive has blown, i have purchased another pcb from ebay. All i need is the bios chip moving from the old pcb to the new, then i believe it would work so i can retrieve my data. is this something you could help me with

February 2017 - Reader Questions

Hello everyone. In this post I'd like to discuss some problems relating to computer equipment sent to me by readers of this blog.

 I accidentally reset my windows phone nokia lumia 950xl by mistake and I lost the videos and photos from the period of one week, but it was the important week so I'd like to get those photos and videos back. If you can help please contact me the number above. hello, I have 5 mobile phones that are in various states of not working that I would like to recover the photos etc from, Can you help?

1TB External hard drive stopped working randomly (worked the night before, didn't the next morning). Likely problem is the connection gate is broken and had come loose, thus the cable was disconnected mid-operation. Some suggested lost partitions (tried some softwares but found no partitions) and it still seems to say NTFS not RAW. Making grinding/buzzing noise, wants to format etc. I have about 600GB of vitally important data in there.

RAIDI have a 5big Lacie NAS that has 5x 2TB disks and 2 disks have failed and appears as New Disk whilst 3 show as inactive. I believe I have not lost my data as the RAID could be running in degraded mode. Have attempted deep search with Easus. Lost partition requires data recovery (if possible) for user daviid.westwell only.

Disk is Toshiba SATA MQ01ACF032 I also have a duplicate disk of above for donor parts I am a contractor so costs will be incurred by me and not the company I work for. This is my daughters wD my Passport for Mac. She is a student and has both "RAW" images and jpegs as part of her photography course. The unit I believe is 2TB. It was dropped. The white led light comes on when plugged into a laptop and also the disk feels like it is spinning. A "My Passport" icon appears on the "devices and printers screen" on the laptop to show the drive is recognized by the laptop however she cannot access any content from the external drive. Dropped hard drive, can't connect anymore to mac laptop

Four bay Seagate NAS in RAID 5 setup (4x2tb drives) only around 25% used. NAS showing as 'empty' drive folder with 'RAID 5' status as 'failed'. Web interface showed drive 3 and 4 missing, but later showed all four again with status 'good'. The physical NAS bay shows drive 3 as failed now, with SMART test failed. Drive had been slow, then Wednesday it stopped working.

Birmingham hard drive fault

Harddrive fell down stairs at home. Unit will power up and the disc can be felt spinning, but the drive will not mount. Drive is a Transcend 1TB StoreJet 25M3 2.5inch External Hard Drive

applestore birminghamI've been to Apple istore in bham and theyve diagnosed my phone with a problem internall by the recall round button on the face of the iphone. Is it best to get a new one or is it fixable more importantly the data recovery photos etc. Would you be able to quote a ball park figure, as istore recommended your service ,which i found on my ipad thanks in advance.

Clicking when powered up. Multiple clicks then just the led light showing

My USB is not recognised on my laptop, it does not show up as a removable disk (g drive) as it used to. It contains important word documents how much would it be to recover the documentation?

Hi, I have an external hard drive that has been somewhat of a playtoy for my young puppy. I was hoping you might be able to get the data from the broken hard drive and put it on to another one. the hard drive is fine but the connection for the wire is broken as well as some components at the top which allow it to connect up. im not worried about keeping the hard drive, it can be replaced. however the data i am keen to recover. thanks

My external hard drive is faulty, it is impossible to retrieve data from it, probably caused by a shock. Could I come and bring it to your shop on Broad Street for recovery? Fatal hardware failure

Lovely son put his elbow on his laptop with his head in his hand directly where the hard drive would be. It made a "horrid noise" but carried on working. He did this a second time but didn't tell me until the computer then failed to boot. I have replaced the drive and the laptop boots. The HDD is a HGST SATA 1Tb 5400rpm. I'd like to find out how much it would cost to recover the data if it's possible.

Hard Disk Help

In this, my first post of 2017 I'd like to thank the UK blogsite Recover Deleted Data for being kind enough to offer assistance with the following data recovery and hard drive help and advice I provided. I've included links where appropriate to further useful information.

WD Scorpio hard driveMy colleague has an NTFS formatted 2TB WD Elements USB hard drive that he dropped.
Since the drop, the drive is not usable. It can be seen in windows device manager correctly and also is seen as a device in Linux however cannot be mounted and the smart details show a high reallocated sector count.
There's no nasty noises coming from it and it seems to spin up happily when connected it just won't mount for whatever reason.
He'd really like to get the data off it, is this something that you think you'll be able to provide?
I understand that you can't guarantee it, however an idea of if it's possible and a price would be appreciated.

The harddrive spins and powers up fine but no data can be read and is not detected in the system bios. I have tried on two different machines. I can hear a slight click in the drive and my father in law did move the machine whilst running so may have knocked something out of place slightly. none of the data is backed up. .

Drive started clicking rapidly and the read speed reduced and driven started hanging. I ran a surface scan which showed some bad blocks around 200, then after a reboot the drive won't mount or show up at all. it is a seagate barracuda 3TB formatted hfs+ and i have a 3tb replacement drive ready

I have the hard drive from an old dell laptop that i would like to access.
i've just come from maplin today and they dont have an readers i could purchase.
would you be able to either recommend a product or help me to get the info from the drive.
here is the spec;
western digital wd600 scorpio.
enhanced ide hard drive.
11 sept 2005.
dcm: hchtjhnb.

Phone Help Manchester

Phones and hard drives are always breaking a requiring data recovery and here are a few enquiries from people with very similar problems. I recommend for phone and hard drive recovery. They also have an office in Manchester. HTC one m9 water damaged. Won't turn on, took to an ismash they said they can't repair, however I don't think they had the capability to rwtrive the photos stored on there. There's no SD and I had a few months where I didn't back up, so I need to retrieve photos from the phone. Is this possible if we pull it apart and get the phone memory out? I mistakenly deleted the DCIM/Camera folder on my phone (Nexus 5) this evening and would like to recover the photos again if possible please. I can bring the phone in tomorrow morning (Wednesday). Please can you let me know if you can help. Thanks I have a relatively old external hard drive (from 2011) which I haven't used for a year. When I tried to connect it recently, I realised that the connecting point for the cable might be broken and my laptop would not recognise the external drive. Could you please kindly let me know where should I send my drive for pickup? Hard drive has failed, unable to access, require all data recoved from the drive. I can bring to Manchester I have a Sony Experia X compact and I dropped on the floor now I can not turn it back on. The screen is cracked and not usable, I need the photos recovered on this phone because I have no backup and was wondering how much it would cost and how long it would take. Spilled water on a 2015 MacBook Pro – and it won't switch on. Tried drying it out, but to no success. Hadn't backed it up recently, so I need to get work data from it.

Help and Advice with Data Recovery

As a data recovery specialist I work a lot with broken and unresponsive hard drives and smartphones. Here are some of the questions I've been asked lately with help and advice links added accordingly. Interesting a site I have recently been visiting a lot for hard drive recovery help and advice is the data recovery tips site, a UK resource.

There is a mechanical problem with my USB stick. To get the USB out you have to use a button on the side of it to slide it up. This is slightly broken so that the USB won't stay out enough for it to go into my laptop.

I have a Seagate external HDD (1 TB). There seems to be a fault as it has stopped being recognized when plugged in. I tried different usb ports and different laptops. Could you please advise if data can be recovered?

My Toshiba External Hard drive has failed in the last few days. The drive shows a red light on the extra case. To test the Hard drive, I plugged it directly into a PC using SATA cables and still nothing. Does not show in BIOS when booting and has no sounds or motion when plugged in.

HDD CRC errorMy USB flash drive has been subject to some physical damage. I can see the problem however I do not have the precision equipment to reattach the plates of the USB head to the PCB. I believe some off the copper tracks have been damaged also. It requires precision soldering I was wondering if you could give me a price estimation, how much the data recovery would cost or the repair.

I have 60k music files on a 'G' external drive. Problems started when I pushed socket into casing. Took it to a computer shop to find that the disk does not now spin. I have not dropped it or given it cause to break. Would you tell me what the procedure is please? If the data is recoverable, do you transfer it onto a new drive? How long could it take?

The drive is making a clicking noise and is throwing CRC errors when trying to copy off data.
This contains our HMRC PAYE data which has unfortunately not been backed up.
The PAYE database is stored in c:\Users\Justin_000\AppData\Roaming\HMRC, but it can no longer be accessed.

Broken screen on iphone 4, cannot access anything from phone. I am wanting to get my messages and call log back.

I have an external Toshiba external drive which when I connect my pic can't see it. I have tried device mgr and storage through administrative tools but can't see it. I am trying to recover photos and some documents.

LaCie and Buffalo NAS Hard Drive Recovery

In this post I look at several enquiries received asking about data recovery from hard disks from LaCie NAS and Buffalo NAS drives.

NAS hard driveWe have a hard disk in a Buffalo NAS that has died, it starts up and makes a clicking noise but that is all. If we plug it into a caddy it doesn't find a drive letter or doesn't seem accessible. It has some crucial information on there we would like recovering please, unfortunately it wasn't backed up elsewhere.

Do you have ST4000DM000 100710248 REV B HDD board ? if so, how much do you want for it and how much do you take for PCB transfer ?

I am experiencing a problem with my LaCie 5Big 2TB external harddrive (RAID 0). I cannot gain access to my files, and the icon / drive will not show on the desktop or elsewhere in my settings. However, the drive does respond to my Mac being turned on and off, and the LaCie's lights glow as normal (connection is by Thunderbolt). A friend suggests a possible corrupt boot software problem. Apple technical staff have tried to locate / fix the fault without success, and LaCie say I need to copy the data if they are to attempt to tackle the fault. I have had the drive (and Mac) just over two years, and am currently evaluating options as to what to do. Any advice you can provide would be most helpful. If I chose Data Clinic, how much might it cost to recover my files and, if possible, get the drive working again? Could all the work be carried out here at my home? (near Bedford) For information, I run a video production business and edit client work – as well as my own home film projects – saving to the LaCie. It is my belief that the issue arose after the upgrade to the Sierra operating system.

Toshiba 500GB external hard drive when switched on the power light flashes red and blue continuously

My WD Passport Ultra 2 TB worked very well since I bought some five years ago. I used it yesterday but today it did not detected by my laptop and after a while it gave a small "ting" sound, after serveral tries it still not recognised. Please let me know about the cost of recovering the data and the time needs.

Windows 10 crashed and had to be reinstalled. looking for the data on my hard disk. I also have a usb external hard drive that I want to recover the data from this hard drive.

The hard-drive was dropped and now will not register on the computer. You can hear the motor run when its plugged into the Mac but it isn't recognisable. (I have had my Mac looked at and its a problem with the drive). I would like to have the data recovered from the drive and transferred to a new hard drive.

I have two hard drives from two different failed NAS drives. One is a 3TB drive from a Lacie Cloudstation and the other is a 500GB drive from a Buffalostation. I can't access either. Neither is in the chassis.

Advisor in Manchester

I have a broken seagate Go Flex that cannot be repaired I have valuable data on the phone that wasn't backed up. I've sent it away twice to be fixed no luck, so I'd like to retrieve all the pictures and videos I have on the phone as they mean a lot to me. I'm looking for a Manchester firm / company that can advise me on the best deal to get my stuff back. The costs associated with this seem like I'd need to take out a mortgage to pay for it, or sell my house!

My external Seagate hard drive is making a ticking noise. I assume this is because I might have dropped or banged it accidently. I have a lot of films/programmes that i'd like to recover from the disk. If a repair is an option that is great or a transfer to a new hard drive is also an option. If you could give me a call on the number stated i'd like to book an appointment to have it looked at. Please bear in mind I am leaving the country in around 1 weeks time so an estimated time of recovery would be very appreciated. Please contact me - Andy at There shouldn't be any need to sell your house, just get a decent mortgage advisor and broker involved instead.

As I was working on my laptop and closed the lid, I forgot to save the mortgage application and when I went back to it everything had crashed. I restarted it and boot device not found error started to appear. I am not quite sure what caused the problem, but can you advise on what I can do? I'm in Bury and Wythenshawe, (both Greater Manchester).

Phone and Hard Drive Recovery Questions

In this post I'm going to share with you some of the data recovery enquiries that I've recently had.

Can you recover data from a portable harddrive (mypassort). The data is not lost but I cant get access to the drive unless i format it. I have tried on a mac and PC but no luck. Do you have a solution and if so how much would it cost? Im from Kingston upon Thames.

I've got a 2Tb hard drive, which seems to be powering up but doing little else. I think it's likely got about 1 Tb of data on it, some of which is a much higher priority than others. I need to keep costs as low as possible – including just recovering just certain directories if this was a possibility. Could you advise me if this was possible, please?

My portable WD hardrive is no longer recognised by my laptop – I've tried with other PCs but no joy. It is still spinning and not clicking. Can you provide a guide price for repairing it, or transferring the data onto a new external drive.

Lacie 2 Big NAS RAIDTwo 500MB disks from a ReadyNAS device. Not sure what has happened but need to try and get back as much data as possible.

Please don't call me i can't answer as my phone isn't working, please email instead. Iphone 5. Screen damaged by dropping on the floor. Phone clearly still working just can't do anything with it as the screen is all just streaky coloured lines.

Water damaged Google (LG) Nexus 5X mobile phone. Charging circuit appears to have shorted so cannot power to retrieve data from onboard Toshiba e-mmc chip. Would like to recover data (photo's & video) from phone.

Micro SD by mistake formatted on new phone and lost all my photos etc . I didn't do back up

I have an external Seagate hard drive which isnt switching on, I haven't had this problem before, I need all of the files on this hard drive please, I would really appreciate it if someone could get back to me at their earliest convenience. I live in Woodside, Glasgow. Also if u can give me a timescale on how long this will take.

I have the 1TB Seagate External hard drive and it dropped on the kitchen floor. Buzzing noises occurred and buzzing stopped when I opened the case. However, when plugged in the hard drive does not work and the light that normally appears has disappeared.

LaCie 2big 6TB Thunderbolt RAID device (2 off 3TB Seagate Barracuda drives) in striped array. One drive has failed and our backups are corrupted. Please inform whether you are able to recover data and, if yes, provide quote.

Hard Drive Anecdotes

Broken hard disk driveBecause I work in data recovery I'm bound to see a lot of broken hard drives. In this post I write about some of the cases I've dealt with recently and provide interesting anecdotes where appropriate.

Case 1. The hard drive was attached to a NAS and the NAS stopped working. If the drive is attached to the NAS it won't start. I took the drive out of the NAS and plugged to the laptop using a USB-SATA cable but Windows can't see it. No noise, nothing on Windows. Can the data be recovered? How much would it cost?

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage and on multi disk system implies that some sort of RAID technology is in operation (read more about NAS at It'll be RAID 1 for 2 disk NAS hard drives and RAID 5 for anything above that. The drive appears dead (no noise, and nothing on Windows), therefore it's probably an electrical fault and the data should be recoverable. The cost will be about £450.

Case 2. I have a 1TB external Seagate drive which I was using as a Mac Time Machine backup (see Vital time machine backup notes at and has a large archive of family photos on it. While trying to restore to my Mac it started to malfunction, running slow and crashing the Mac. It is still live and I can mount it and see the root directories but can't copy anything off it. Can you assist and what are your rates?

I believe your hard drive has media degradation. The data on it should be recoverable, but you're going to have to send it to a hard drive recovery company. Take a look at a good data recovery web blog like for good recommendations on hard drive data recovery companies.

Case 3. My Seagate external hard drive isn't being recognised in any computer. I have contacted seagate and tried all their suggestions but still no luck. I have to send it back to them to get a new one as its still in warranty but would like all the data taken off if possible, they do do data recovery but its not covered in warranty and its more than i would like to pay! If you could let me know a rough price that would be great, thank you.

It really does depend on what's wrong with you hard drive. You don't provide any symptoms so it's difficult to give an accurate diagnosis of the problem. In cases like this the best I can do is provide you with a guide price for the recovery which will be somewhere between £350 and £800.

So I hope these anecdotes will provide some insight in to the world of hard disk recovery. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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