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Hard Disk Help

In this, my first post of 2017 I'd like to thank the UK blogsite Recover Deleted Data for being kind enough to offer assistance with the following data recovery and hard drive help and advice I provided. I've included links where appropriate to further useful information.

WD Scorpio hard driveMy colleague has an NTFS formatted 2TB WD Elements USB hard drive that he dropped.
Since the drop, the drive is not usable. It can be seen in windows device manager correctly and also is seen as a device in Linux however cannot be mounted and the smart details show a high reallocated sector count.
There's no nasty noises coming from it and it seems to spin up happily when connected it just won't mount for whatever reason.
He'd really like to get the data off it, is this something that you think you'll be able to provide?
I understand that you can't guarantee it, however an idea of if it's possible and a price would be appreciated.

The harddrive spins and powers up fine but no data can be read and is not detected in the system bios. I have tried on two different machines. I can hear a slight click in the drive and my father in law did move the machine whilst running so may have knocked something out of place slightly. none of the data is backed up. .

Drive started clicking rapidly and the read speed reduced and driven started hanging. I ran a surface scan which showed some bad blocks around 200, then after a reboot the drive won't mount or show up at all. it is a seagate barracuda 3TB formatted hfs+ and i have a 3tb replacement drive ready

I have the hard drive from an old dell laptop that i would like to access.
i've just come from maplin today and they dont have an readers i could purchase.
would you be able to either recommend a product or help me to get the info from the drive.
here is the spec;
western digital wd600 scorpio.
enhanced ide hard drive.
11 sept 2005.
dcm: hchtjhnb.

Advisor in Manchester

I have a broken seagate Go Flex that cannot be repaired I have valuable data on the phone that wasn't backed up. I've sent it away twice to be fixed no luck, so I'd like to retrieve all the pictures and videos I have on the phone as they mean a lot to me. I'm looking for a Manchester firm / company that can advise me on the best deal to get my stuff back. The costs associated with this seem like I'd need to take out a mortgage to pay for it, or sell my house!

My external Seagate hard drive is making a ticking noise. I assume this is because I might have dropped or banged it accidently. I have a lot of films/programmes that i'd like to recover from the disk. If a repair is an option that is great or a transfer to a new hard drive is also an option. If you could give me a call on the number stated i'd like to book an appointment to have it looked at. Please bear in mind I am leaving the country in around 1 weeks time so an estimated time of recovery would be very appreciated. Please contact me - Andy at There shouldn't be any need to sell your house, just get a decent mortgage advisor and broker involved instead.

As I was working on my laptop and closed the lid, I forgot to save the mortgage application and when I went back to it everything had crashed. I restarted it and boot device not found error started to appear. I am not quite sure what caused the problem, but can you advise on what I can do? I'm in Bury and Wythenshawe, (both Greater Manchester).

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