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Recover Data from Dell Poweredge 2950

i have a server Dell poweredge 2950. it have already RAID 5 with 3 disks. i added 2 more disk.. and configured mirror RAID. But unfortunately, i intialze my RAID5 partiton. Can you please guide me how can i get my data back??? I've been told that Datlab's Raid recovery service ( is very good. Please help me in this critical issue. I am really thankful to you.

dell poweredge 2950The external hard drive doesn't power up but it makes a "clicking" sound. – It doesn't show on BIOS when starting up. – No data was written on the disk after it stopped working. – It was probably damaged due to a fall or a bang.

I have 500G hard drive in the Dell Poweredge, i did try repair my Friends laptop and i connected my hard drive to them laptop, I done something wrong and deleted all my data from hard drive plus changed size of this hard drive, now is only 30G I don't know what's happened, also I did try recovery my files with some program but doesn't work properly, I want only few G of pictures from this hard drive I don't care about rest or maybe video what I recorded, could you tell me what would be price for this service? (its a power edge 2950 series)

My WD My Passport Ultra was working fine in my Dell server tower a few days ago, and now it is chirping and doesn't seem to want to be read. I've tried running Disk Utility and WD Utilities, and both say that the hard drive is working fine; however, it's clearly not. Can you please assist with data recovery? I am running it on a 2015 MacBook Pro 13" 128 GB.

Toshiba Canvio 1TB external hard drive. Connected to and worked correctly on Sunday 21st May, video files opened and played. Monday 22nd May – plugged usb into computer. Hard drive light did not come on, no sound from the hard drive and no heat. Bought and tried a new usb cable, still no response. Datlabs data recovery have quoted me a good price on the data recovery. Hard drive contains large number of music, photo, and video files.

Fault Finding on Dell Servers

Lets say your server falls over - what are you going to do?
Dell logoThe first thing most of us would do would be to perform what's known as a 'power cycle'. This is a technical term for 'switch it off and switch it back on again'. So the next time you do this, simply tell people that you power cycled the device and everything worked again and they'll look at you all impressed while they wonder what 'power cycling' actually is.

Although many of us do it, power cycling can be very detrimental in certain circumstances.  Its not a problem if we do it to our mobile phones if they crash for some reason, but a rule of thumb is the larger the system and the amount of data, the more risky it is the power cycle. This is especially true on Dell servers - and in particular Dell RAID servers.

Why Power Cycling is Bad on Dell Servers

Any device that processes a lot of data, whether it be a server, RAID, external hard drive, is going to encounter problems if it is power cycled. This is because storage devices and particularly Dell systems write data to their storage disks almost continuously, and one of the operations best avoided with any Dell system is to perform a power cycle when data is being written to the hard drives.

It's impossible to tell when data is being written the the disks on Dell systems, but if the write operating is interrupted it can easily lead to data corruption which is obviously very damaging.

How Does The Data Corrupt?

According to Dell experts Data Clinic, data corruption occurs because not all data that is scheduled to be written to the disks is actually written. They have documented the failure process on Dell servers (in this case the Dell MD1000) on their page at The process works as follows

  • Data to be written to disk is transferred into the server's memory cache
  • A write operation that transfers the data from the cache and writes it to the disks in actioned
  • A power cycle interrupts this process before it is completed and the operation is not completed correctly. This corrupts the data.

What To Do?

If you run Dell servers and encounter problems like this I strongly advocate that you don't try and sort the problem yourself: data corruption is a very tricky issue and more often than not you'll end up making the situation worse. Instead call in a data recovery company like Data Clinic who will be able to help you. Other data recovery service providers can be found at and

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