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Phone and Hard Drive Recovery Questions

In this post I'm going to share with you some of the data recovery enquiries that I've recently had.

Can you recover data from a portable harddrive (mypassort). The data is not lost but I cant get access to the drive unless i format it. I have tried on a mac and PC but no luck. Do you have a solution and if so how much would it cost? Im from Kingston upon Thames.

I've got a 2Tb hard drive, which seems to be powering up but doing little else. I think it's likely got about 1 Tb of data on it, some of which is a much higher priority than others. I need to keep costs as low as possible – including just recovering just certain directories if this was a possibility. Could you advise me if this was possible, please?

My portable WD hardrive is no longer recognised by my laptop – I've tried with other PCs but no joy. It is still spinning and not clicking. Can you provide a guide price for repairing it, or transferring the data onto a new external drive.

Lacie 2 Big NAS RAIDTwo 500MB disks from a ReadyNAS device. Not sure what has happened but need to try and get back as much data as possible.

Please don't call me i can't answer as my phone isn't working, please email instead. Iphone 5. Screen damaged by dropping on the floor. Phone clearly still working just can't do anything with it as the screen is all just streaky coloured lines.

Water damaged Google (LG) Nexus 5X mobile phone. Charging circuit appears to have shorted so cannot power to retrieve data from onboard Toshiba e-mmc chip. Would like to recover data (photo's & video) from phone.

Micro SD by mistake formatted on new phone and lost all my photos etc . I didn't do back up

I have an external Seagate hard drive which isnt switching on, I haven't had this problem before, I need all of the files on this hard drive please, I would really appreciate it if someone could get back to me at their earliest convenience. I live in Woodside, Glasgow. Also if u can give me a timescale on how long this will take.

I have the 1TB Seagate External hard drive and it dropped on the kitchen floor. Buzzing noises occurred and buzzing stopped when I opened the case. However, when plugged in the hard drive does not work and the light that normally appears has disappeared.

LaCie 2big 6TB Thunderbolt RAID device (2 off 3TB Seagate Barracuda drives) in striped array. One drive has failed and our backups are corrupted. Please inform whether you are able to recover data and, if yes, provide quote.

Datlabs Glasgow - What A Great Company !!

Through the Xmas break I found myself in Scotland seeing my extended family. I hadn't visited them for more than 12 months and was excited about showing them films and pictures of their English relatives.

I arrived securely on a damp New Years Eve morning and accompanying me was my handy 1TB USB hard drive. As I was in a hurry to get indoors I managed to slip in the wet and throw my hard drive from the boot of my car. I watched in terror as it flew across the pavement and landed against a wall. I rushed across to it hoping it would still work. It didn't.

Datlabs Glasgow Data Recovery ServicesWho knows what to do when a hard drive breaks? Well, me for one. First thing to do is see if it's still recognised by the computer, which it wasn't. This told me that the problem was rather serious and beyond my capabilities. I'd need an expert data recovery company if I were to get these photos and movies back. I knew that the highly regarded data recovery company Datlabs had a branch in Glasgow so I phoned them up. 90 minutes later I was in their offices on Woodside Place in Glasgow where they diagnosed my hard drive with a head fault and told me the data was recoverable but would require clean room attention. It couldn't be fixed immediately but the data should be recoverable.

I left my hard drive with them and we made arrangements to meet up on Friday 3rd January. I've just left their Glasgow offices and am overjoyed as I have my precious data in my hands again - all recovered :)    I can't thank the team at Datlabs enough - I was rather upset and annoyed with myself over Christmas for making such a careless mistake and breaking my hard drive. I didn't manage to show my family my pics and movies obviously as my hard drive was being repaired, but now everything is fine again ! Thanks Datlabs - I'll recommend you and your hard drive services to everyone I know.

And here's to you - Have a good 2014 and Happy New Year.

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