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Hard Drive Help

computer science labsHi Everyone, the following questions came in via the web site and represent typical hard drive problems that many of us experience. If you are unable to recover the data yourself, data recovery sites like provide data recovery services across the UK.

I have a Western Digital 1TB Caviar Green drive where the pcb has been damaged. I already have a replacement pcb but understand that the chip on the old pcb needs to be transferred onto the replacement pcb. The pcb does not have a u12 chip but does have the Marvell controller chip which I believe is the chip that needs to be transferred. Are you able to transfer the chip across and what price would you charge?

Western Digital My Passport 1TB external drive powers up and light comes on. It sounds like everything is spinning OK and I can see the disk drive in the Device Manager but it won't show up in Windows Explorer. If I run the WD diagnostics it sees the disk but fails. In Disk Management it shows the disk but can't initialise it due to an I/O device error. I would like to recover the data off the disk if possible. I'm not bothered about getting the disk working again if I can just get the data back.

Drive whirrs, clicks twice , repeats several times and isn't accessible. Got black screen of death, Windows won't load. Can't access system at all and wrongly thought data backed up in Dropbox. Think I'm on Windows 7. Really need to get this data back. Had guy out from a call-out company and all he could offer was to restart Windows but lose all data. Do you think you can retrieve my data or should I just give up?

I need all photos recovered from a Galaxy S3. Can you assist?

Touro Mobile USB 3.0 500 GB/Go External Harddrive. My external harddrive seems to have a dodgy connection – it will momentarily pair to the computer but then stops. Is there anything you can do to recover the files from it?

Does there anyone who can help me with my Lacie 5big network 2 please? My Lacie has been desynchronized. Its showing red light… My external portable hard drive suddenly stopped being found by my laptop. I searched for it on drive manager. Found it and tried to re-initialise it but came back with an I/O error. It has a lot of data on it (mostly music). Any suggestions? How much would recovery cost?

In all theses cases data recovery cost vary between £500 and £2000, so obviously your data has got to be worth that amount to you.

LaCie and Buffalo NAS Hard Drive Recovery

In this post I look at several enquiries received asking about data recovery from hard disks from LaCie NAS and Buffalo NAS drives.

NAS hard driveWe have a hard disk in a Buffalo NAS that has died, it starts up and makes a clicking noise but that is all. If we plug it into a caddy it doesn't find a drive letter or doesn't seem accessible. It has some crucial information on there we would like recovering please, unfortunately it wasn't backed up elsewhere.

Do you have ST4000DM000 100710248 REV B HDD board ? if so, how much do you want for it and how much do you take for PCB transfer ?

I am experiencing a problem with my LaCie 5Big 2TB external harddrive (RAID 0). I cannot gain access to my files, and the icon / drive will not show on the desktop or elsewhere in my settings. However, the drive does respond to my Mac being turned on and off, and the LaCie's lights glow as normal (connection is by Thunderbolt). A friend suggests a possible corrupt boot software problem. Apple technical staff have tried to locate / fix the fault without success, and LaCie say I need to copy the data if they are to attempt to tackle the fault. I have had the drive (and Mac) just over two years, and am currently evaluating options as to what to do. Any advice you can provide would be most helpful. If I chose Data Clinic, how much might it cost to recover my files and, if possible, get the drive working again? Could all the work be carried out here at my home? (near Bedford) For information, I run a video production business and edit client work – as well as my own home film projects – saving to the LaCie. It is my belief that the issue arose after the upgrade to the Sierra operating system.

Toshiba 500GB external hard drive when switched on the power light flashes red and blue continuously

My WD Passport Ultra 2 TB worked very well since I bought some five years ago. I used it yesterday but today it did not detected by my laptop and after a while it gave a small "ting" sound, after serveral tries it still not recognised. Please let me know about the cost of recovering the data and the time needs.

Windows 10 crashed and had to be reinstalled. looking for the data on my hard disk. I also have a usb external hard drive that I want to recover the data from this hard drive.

The hard-drive was dropped and now will not register on the computer. You can hear the motor run when its plugged into the Mac but it isn't recognisable. (I have had my Mac looked at and its a problem with the drive). I would like to have the data recovered from the drive and transferred to a new hard drive.

I have two hard drives from two different failed NAS drives. One is a 3TB drive from a Lacie Cloudstation and the other is a 500GB drive from a Buffalostation. I can't access either. Neither is in the chassis.

Phone and Hard Drive Recovery Questions

In this post I'm going to share with you some of the data recovery enquiries that I've recently had.

Can you recover data from a portable harddrive (mypassort). The data is not lost but I cant get access to the drive unless i format it. I have tried on a mac and PC but no luck. Do you have a solution and if so how much would it cost? Im from Kingston upon Thames.

I've got a 2Tb hard drive, which seems to be powering up but doing little else. I think it's likely got about 1 Tb of data on it, some of which is a much higher priority than others. I need to keep costs as low as possible – including just recovering just certain directories if this was a possibility. Could you advise me if this was possible, please?

My portable WD hardrive is no longer recognised by my laptop – I've tried with other PCs but no joy. It is still spinning and not clicking. Can you provide a guide price for repairing it, or transferring the data onto a new external drive.

Lacie 2 Big NAS RAIDTwo 500MB disks from a ReadyNAS device. Not sure what has happened but need to try and get back as much data as possible.

Please don't call me i can't answer as my phone isn't working, please email instead. Iphone 5. Screen damaged by dropping on the floor. Phone clearly still working just can't do anything with it as the screen is all just streaky coloured lines.

Water damaged Google (LG) Nexus 5X mobile phone. Charging circuit appears to have shorted so cannot power to retrieve data from onboard Toshiba e-mmc chip. Would like to recover data (photo's & video) from phone.

Micro SD by mistake formatted on new phone and lost all my photos etc . I didn't do back up

I have an external Seagate hard drive which isnt switching on, I haven't had this problem before, I need all of the files on this hard drive please, I would really appreciate it if someone could get back to me at their earliest convenience. I live in Woodside, Glasgow. Also if u can give me a timescale on how long this will take.

I have the 1TB Seagate External hard drive and it dropped on the kitchen floor. Buzzing noises occurred and buzzing stopped when I opened the case. However, when plugged in the hard drive does not work and the light that normally appears has disappeared.

LaCie 2big 6TB Thunderbolt RAID device (2 off 3TB Seagate Barracuda drives) in striped array. One drive has failed and our backups are corrupted. Please inform whether you are able to recover data and, if yes, provide quote.

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