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Phone Help Manchester

Phones and hard drives are always breaking a requiring data recovery and here are a few enquiries from people with very similar problems. I recommend for phone and hard drive recovery. They also have an office in Manchester. HTC one m9 water damaged. Won't turn on, took to an ismash they said they can't repair, however I don't think they had the capability to rwtrive the photos stored on there. There's no SD and I had a few months where I didn't back up, so I need to retrieve photos from the phone. Is this possible if we pull it apart and get the phone memory out? I mistakenly deleted the DCIM/Camera folder on my phone (Nexus 5) this evening and would like to recover the photos again if possible please. I can bring the phone in tomorrow morning (Wednesday). Please can you let me know if you can help. Thanks I have a relatively old external hard drive (from 2011) which I haven't used for a year. When I tried to connect it recently, I realised that the connecting point for the cable might be broken and my laptop would not recognise the external drive. Could you please kindly let me know where should I send my drive for pickup? Hard drive has failed, unable to access, require all data recoved from the drive. I can bring to Manchester I have a Sony Experia X compact and I dropped on the floor now I can not turn it back on. The screen is cracked and not usable, I need the photos recovered on this phone because I have no backup and was wondering how much it would cost and how long it would take. Spilled water on a 2015 MacBook Pro – and it won't switch on. Tried drying it out, but to no success. Hadn't backed it up recently, so I need to get work data from it.

Advisor in Manchester

I have a broken seagate Go Flex that cannot be repaired I have valuable data on the phone that wasn't backed up. I've sent it away twice to be fixed no luck, so I'd like to retrieve all the pictures and videos I have on the phone as they mean a lot to me. I'm looking for a Manchester firm / company that can advise me on the best deal to get my stuff back. The costs associated with this seem like I'd need to take out a mortgage to pay for it, or sell my house!

My external Seagate hard drive is making a ticking noise. I assume this is because I might have dropped or banged it accidently. I have a lot of films/programmes that i'd like to recover from the disk. If a repair is an option that is great or a transfer to a new hard drive is also an option. If you could give me a call on the number stated i'd like to book an appointment to have it looked at. Please bear in mind I am leaving the country in around 1 weeks time so an estimated time of recovery would be very appreciated. Please contact me - Andy at There shouldn't be any need to sell your house, just get a decent mortgage advisor and broker involved instead.

As I was working on my laptop and closed the lid, I forgot to save the mortgage application and when I went back to it everything had crashed. I restarted it and boot device not found error started to appear. I am not quite sure what caused the problem, but can you advise on what I can do? I'm in Bury and Wythenshawe, (both Greater Manchester).

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