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Data Recovery on SSD Hard Drives

SSD hard driveIn this post we look at rescuing the data from unresponsive SSD hard drives that have stopped working. If you need to understand what an SSD hard drive is you can click this link to Wikipedia

SSD Data Recovery

Question: I have a Seagate 500MB external hard drive SSD which I have had for about 3-4 years. I was using it to view files when it froze, so I switched off the laptop after waiting a while and now the drive is not recognised anywhere, including disk + device management. When plugged in, it initially makes a low beep/buzz that sounds as if the disk is trying to spin but the head is stuck. Soon after, the light starts the flash. Then the noise stops and the light continues to flash. I would desperately like to retrieve the data from it.

Answer: I suggest your disk is a hybrid drive (containing both SSD and HDD characteristics) rather than a full SSD as you mention that they hard drive is trying to spin. SSD hard drives have no moving parts and instead store the data on large memory chips. SSD data recovery is quite different to HDD recovery and exponents such as Data Clinic in the UK are masters at retrieving the data from SSD hard drives.

Retrieve Data from a Bitlocked SSD Hard Drive

Question: I have an external SSD hard drive that I was trying to Encrypt with Microsoft bitlocker. During the encryption process the PC turned itself off. The hard drive is now locked and I can’t unlock it with the password I set or the recovery key. It states that it is not recognised. Can you recover the data in the hard drive, reformat the hard drive and put this data back on?

Answer: It might be possible to retrieve the data from your SSD hard drive. It far easier to manipulate the firmware microcode on an SSD that it is on an HDD and because of this, SSD's can often be programmed to release their data far more easier. Whether it's possible to recover the data from your SSD will depend upon what type of drive it is, what the fault is, and whether we are able to write a program to overcome the problem.

Ask Me !

For any type of hard disk problem, please ask me - I can usually help.

Retrieve Files From Phone and HDD

Retrieve Files From Phone
Hi there, having a major breakdown at the moment… I've smashed my internal screen on my galaxy s7 and I can't recover my Images … I can't afford to lose them and I'm running out of options… Is there any way of saving them

Hi, I recently managed to get my phone wet, it was not submerged but pretty badly surface wet. The device turns on however the screen does not. It stays black, it also does not register my finger touches. It will however detect the pen, and i can hear the clicks when i tap apps, the power options and also the volume switch sounds. I wish to recover all my photographs and contacts from the phone. It sometimes connects to my laptop but the storage is empty. I believe that without being able to navigate to the developer menus I cannot activate usb mode. Please advise on how I can get the memory dump from it. Im not so concerned about the state of the phone, I just wish to get images off it.

Retrieving Hard Disk Data
I've got a WD passport external hard drive. Suddenly became 'unrecognised' in the g drive on my laptop. I've tried on another computer but same happened. Also makes a ticking sound when plugged in the USB port like something is catching. Data on hard drive is mainly word documents from degree and films. Some photos on there also

"Cyclic redundancy check". Some folders and files cannot be read, returning the above message while trying to access them. Other files/folders can be easily (as usual) accessed and opened.

I have an internal Seagate 2Tb HDD that is the master drive (windows is on it). In the morning the PC was working fine no problems. I went away from it and came back and the screen had gone black with an error message saying "insert bootable media, no bootable drive found". Does the same thing on power up every time. The HDD makes a funny beeping sound on starting the PC now. I have tried it in another PC as a secondary HDD and it is still not being recognised at all by Windows. The drive sounds like it starts up but unsure if it is spinning or not. Nothing has happened to the drive to make this happen and I haven't installed anything recently either. The drive is partitioned into 3 separate partitions (C:Windows, D:Documents and E:Games). I have a lot of documents and photos on the drive that I don't want to lose. The main section of data I would want to recover is email data from the C drive and everything on the D drive. The games one isn't as important.

I have a Samsung M3 Portable 2TB Hard-drive formatted in exFAT which I use on my MacBook Pro. I probably have around 1.2TB of data that is stored on there. Recently, it has been quite temperamental – it will work but if I moved the wire, laptop, or the hard drive it would automatically cut off the connection. However, now, I can't seem to get PCs, Laptops, or MacBooks to recognise it at all. The harddrive powers on every time and I can hear it whirring. The light turns on for a period of time, before blinking 3 times and turning off.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

A scene from the film I RobotArtificial Intelligence, otherwise known as AI is something of an enigma. It's always going to be here in 6 months or so but it never actually arrives. The thought of a computer that thinks for itself is quite scary for many people. At the moment computers are rule based machines that simply follow a set of rules (often very complex) to reach an outcome.

AI, is the next step, where a computer is able to develop complex rules for itself and act on them. Elon Musk, a tech entrepreneur recently voiced his concerns over where artificial intelligence is going is not alone - many AI researchers share his fears, see, and for an understanding of what AI actually is click this link

Seeing as after many years we still haven't been able to achieve many people believe that AI will never really materialise, but where does the divide between complex rule based machines and AI actually lay? Computers are certainly developing and becoming more complex in the jobs they can do, such as flying drones and bomb disposal machines, but all they are doing is following a set of rules and processing information according to what data they are processing. They are not actually thinking, and that's the difference.

Considerations When Buying A New Hard Drive

Buying a new hard drive can be difficult - there are so many available, all with different capacities, rotation speeds and caches... What even is a cache? And what manufacturer should you choose? Below I'll give you a few pointers on what you should look for when buying a new hard drive.

Brand Name: To some folks brand is essential. Quality brands such as Toshiba or Samsung often come priced more highly than others, but these drives are usually of good quality.

Size: Contemplate everything you would like to take advantage of your hard drive for. Usually the principle would be to choose the greatest capacity drive you are able so you will not run out of space.

What Kind?: There are several different kinds of hard disk drive accessible. Do you choose an internal hard drive or perhaps go for a portable one that you can carry around?

Performance Specifications: The speed or the functionality of the hard drive can also be a significant factor. Additionally assess RPM of the hard drive or the twist speed. The faster the faster better rotates the operation of the hard drive needs to be.

Dependability: Most hard drives are made in exactly the same manner and most are quite dependable. It is also not in producer 's interests to make a quality drive that is poor as it'll damage their brand.

Cost: There are a number of differences in the price of hard drives of the exact same capacity, the ones that are more economical usually have smaller caches and slower spin speeds. These drives perform badly when examined against counterparts with higher spin speeds and bigger caches. My advice is always to spend the extra and get a drive that is high performance as it should boost your entire system.

Compatibility: Is the new hard drive likely to run Mac or Windows? Maybe both will run. Both of these file systems are inappropriate but there's a lot of software that runs in the fly which will enable one to use both.

SSD or HDD?: SSD hard drives have no moving parts and are like enormous memory chips. Each are about as trustworthy as another, but the price much more of SSD.

Sound: Some hard drives, particularly older ones, have become noisy. Sound may be a distraction, particularly when your machine is used by you in a silent environment. New drives are extremely silent.

Where to buy: Hard drives can be bought in most places on line these days including Amazon and PC-World.

Each Week 10% of Workers Lose Data

That's right - 10% of us suffer some form of data loss, deleted files, broken hard drives, copy and paste errors. The list is endless. How secure are the folders on your own disk drive, would you know? Saving data to a hard drive is easy and convenient - We can get our files and folders almost instantaneously, but how resistant is our digital information? What would happen if our disk drive broke?

One significant point to draw attention to that you should not dismiss is that the digital data is never ever fully safe from harm. You could readily drop your hard drive or have it taken, and if you haven't backed your files up then it is lost forever.

However many of us don't keep our files in this way. We store our information on disks and hard-drives, and pre hard drive information continues to be stored in albums. Some would question which method is considered the safest. Electronic files can be reprinted if something happens to the copies you make, however, in both instances the data may be damaged or ruined.

Before the invention of hard disks, records that people kept in books such as diaries and photo albums was readily lost with a spring clean, not realising what these items were, or we could accidentally pour liquid on them and lose the writing permanently. Unlike old photographs that may be reprinted as long as we still have the negatives, diaries and other paper records will not be resistant.

Bearing this in your mind you might believe digital files are far safer . They may be in some ways but not in others. A great deal depends on how you take care of them. If you have just a single copy and you also lose it or it is corrupted , you might not get it back. If you consider that lots of photos cannot be replaced, you'll understand just how valuable they may be.

Data loss is a very real matter and effects many businesses and organisations everyday. A simple approach to mitigate against data loss is by using some form of data duplication. This can be something easy and straightforward like saving the files to a memory stick or external hard drive, or perhaps something more elaborate like duplicating the files to a RAID or server array or with a storage cloud backup facility. There are many threats to your own data and these include applications dangers like viruses and malware, and hardware problems such as the hard drive crashing. Also remember the so called 'acts of god' such as fire, floods and earthquakes.

Of course you will have the choice to consult the specialists at a data recovery business to help you retrieve the files. However, for the sake of preparing a copy in the cloud, isn't it worth making a back-up you are able to rely on? Treat your important files with the care they warrant.

Datlabs Glasgow - What A Great Company !!

Through the Xmas break I found myself in Scotland seeing my extended family. I hadn't visited them for more than 12 months and was excited about showing them films and pictures of their English relatives.

I arrived securely on a damp New Years Eve morning and accompanying me was my handy 1TB USB hard drive. As I was in a hurry to get indoors I managed to slip in the wet and throw my hard drive from the boot of my car. I watched in terror as it flew across the pavement and landed against a wall. I rushed across to it hoping it would still work. It didn't.

Datlabs Glasgow Data Recovery ServicesWho knows what to do when a hard drive breaks? Well, me for one. First thing to do is see if it's still recognised by the computer, which it wasn't. This told me that the problem was rather serious and beyond my capabilities. I'd need an expert data recovery company if I were to get these photos and movies back. I knew that the highly regarded data recovery company Datlabs had a branch in Glasgow so I phoned them up. 90 minutes later I was in their offices on Woodside Place in Glasgow where they diagnosed my hard drive with a head fault and told me the data was recoverable but would require clean room attention. It couldn't be fixed immediately but the data should be recoverable.

I left my hard drive with them and we made arrangements to meet up on Friday 3rd January. I've just left their Glasgow offices and am overjoyed as I have my precious data in my hands again - all recovered :)    I can't thank the team at Datlabs enough - I was rather upset and annoyed with myself over Christmas for making such a careless mistake and breaking my hard drive. I didn't manage to show my family my pics and movies obviously as my hard drive was being repaired, but now everything is fine again ! Thanks Datlabs - I'll recommend you and your hard drive services to everyone I know.

And here's to you - Have a good 2014 and Happy New Year.

Recovering Data After The UK Storms

Map of East Yorkshire including HullThe UK city of Hull saw it's fair share of bad weather this week as storms hit the entire east coast of England, closing shops and local businesses and flooding houses. Now the clean up operation is on as computer support and data recovery services work hard to retrieve data lost when the storms arrived to get businesses back online and running again.

Computer systems and hard drives that store the data are easily damaged by flooding, water will cause many electrical problems and as you can imagine, having a hard drive submerged in water is not good for the data. In fact recovering data from hard drives that have been flooded is a very skilled job. You may think it's a simple case of waiting for the hard drive to dry out and then powering it back up again but this is one of the worst things that can happen. As soon as a wet hard drive begins to dry out it's metallic parts begin to rust. This is something that needs to be avoided because rust will destroy any attempt to recover hard drive data. It's there imperative that wet hard drives are not just left somewhere warm to dry out.

Hard drives that have been in water will often have damaged controller boards caused by when water came in contact with the hard drive when it was powered on. Using a replacement PCB is a pointless exercise as the the a drive's controller board contains data unique to the drive. It's necessary to use a data recovery company to repair the hard drive and get access to the data.

The first thing to do with a damaged hard drive is to get it working again before attempting to recover the data on it and Data Clinic Ltd have been heavily involved in the flood cleanup operation helping local businesses and schools with damaged computer systems regain access to their data. Over the past week or so they have recovered data from both servers and standalone hard disk drives, belonging to both businesses and households.

The storms hit the whole of the east coast of England, flooding businesses and shops, and closing schools and companies. Hard disk drives are not indestructible even if they are using RAID and many now face a wait to see if their data can be recovered as they had no backups in place.

Anyone can back their data up, it's not a difficult thing to do. Data can be backed up to a variety of devices such a memory sticks and external hard drives. With the fast speed of broadband, many people and companies choose to backup their data online using the internet. This has the advantage of storing their data in an offsite location away from any such dangers as flooding. Computer systems will go wrong and break, when this happens it's important to avoid data loss by having a decent data backup plan and implementing it. This will avoid the need for a data recovery service should the computer system develop a fault access to the data be lost.

There's no question that the recent storms and flooding have caused widespread damage to homes and businesses in the East of England. Fortunately data recovery services can often retrieve data from damaged hard drives even after storms. The figures have not yet been compiled on how many businesses lost data and how much money was lost, but it'll be interesting to see what effect the storm had.

Helium Hard Drives begin shipping

Hitachi He6 hard disk drive

Hitachi has formally started shipping the initial drive to have a helium filling, as a way to increase capacity by around 40 percent when compared with conventional mechanical drives a notion it first revealed in 2012. How does the He6 hard drive perform ? - Get a review here.

In September 2012 HGST declared plans to improve capability and efficiency of its own business - level hard-drives by filling them with helium as opposed to the air generally used. The helium, the organization maintained, worked to lessen the drag acting in the disk platters due to getting a density only 1/7 that of atmosphere. Lower drag indicates a motor, less heat generation, and the capacity to cram the platters nearer together.

The very first helium filled drive is currently shipping to customers, the business has validated, with initial reactions proving favorable really.

With conventional air filled high capacity drives having just five, that equals a 40 percent hike in storage room.

The Ultrastar He6, to supply the drive its complete name, packages 6TB of storage into one 3.5" drive using a selection of SATA-III or SAS connectivity. Just like the organization's prototypes, this notable ability originates from seven individual platters - while the drive itself is, curiously, some 50g lighter compared to the air filled five-platter 4TB Ultrastar 7K4000 at 640grams.

Unfortunately, while HGST Japan declared the transport of the drives late last week as well as the organization's US arm followed suit before this week, neither are however prepared to supply pricing - however, with the business marketplace firmly in its sights, be prepared to pay a sizeable premium over existing 4TB versions.

The firm also plans to utilize the technologies in its potential heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) drives to help foster capacities.

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