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London Hard Drive Recovery

Hard drive recovery in London is in demand at the moment with the number of computer disk drives and mobile phones that are losing their data for one reason or another:

2 x Samsung HD spin but dont connect. One is intermittently connecting but one seems fully dead. Lighs are on but nothing else. All I want is the data from them, then they can be binned.

computer store londonI've been trying to get my old IDE hard drive to work on my new PATA drive PC so I can back data up from a computer I owned a number of years ago. Bought an IDE usb hub and whilst attempting to access the drive has been making ticking sounds and not being recognised by Windows. Opened HDD case using a clean air filter for no more than 30 seconds, and the head is stuck which confirmed my suspicions. Please could you provide me with a quote for data recovery? I'm currently being quoted £350 – £650, which unfortunately is too much for me financially. Could you confirm whether this is the going rate for recovery of this model of HDD? I was hoping it would be £150 – £200 max to be honest. Thanks in advance.

I have a Samsung 840 (p/n MZ7TD128HAFV-000L1) which suddenly stop functioning. The SSD is not recognised by the laptop at all. What I am looking for is a quote for recovering the data.

Connection point between external hard drive and USB cable has failed. Contains personal copies of technical engineering data. Would like to recover all the data if possible. Hard drive : Seagate expansion portable drive Model SRD00F1 I am currently out of the country but will be in London on 14/3/17 so can come with drive to your Data Clinic centre there on 15/3/17 if it is possible to transfer the information.

I am currently abroad in Cyprus and wanted to know if it was possible to send you a failed laptop drive for recovery. I believe it was from the Lenovo usb power plug being forced into the usb port of the laptop which caused it to short circuit. I just wanted to know if this would be an option for me and also what would be the expected cost if a successful recovery was possible. Please let me know if we could arrange something.

I have just moved house and an old external hard drive has just stopped working/packed in and I wanted to recover the data and place it on a new passport drive. Would like to know what the chances are of recovering the data and costs?

I have a 2tb HDD from a WD MyBook Live that suddenly decided it would no longer boot. I removed the drive from it's enclosure and tried to mount it on a Linux machine, which reported a bad superblock on the partition with the data on it.

Hi, basically I have a hard disk and live near to London, one of the chips on the bottom of the drive has blown, i have purchased another pcb from ebay. All i need is the bios chip moving from the old pcb to the new, then i believe it would work so i can retrieve my data. is this something you could help me with

Retrieve Files From Phone and HDD

Retrieve Files From Phone
Hi there, having a major breakdown at the moment… I've smashed my internal screen on my galaxy s7 and I can't recover my Images … I can't afford to lose them and I'm running out of options… Is there any way of saving them

Hi, I recently managed to get my phone wet, it was not submerged but pretty badly surface wet. The device turns on however the screen does not. It stays black, it also does not register my finger touches. It will however detect the pen, and i can hear the clicks when i tap apps, the power options and also the volume switch sounds. I wish to recover all my photographs and contacts from the phone. It sometimes connects to my laptop but the storage is empty. I believe that without being able to navigate to the developer menus I cannot activate usb mode. Please advise on how I can get the memory dump from it. Im not so concerned about the state of the phone, I just wish to get images off it.

Retrieving Hard Disk Data
I've got a WD passport external hard drive. Suddenly became 'unrecognised' in the g drive on my laptop. I've tried on another computer but same happened. Also makes a ticking sound when plugged in the USB port like something is catching. Data on hard drive is mainly word documents from degree and films. Some photos on there also

"Cyclic redundancy check". Some folders and files cannot be read, returning the above message while trying to access them. Other files/folders can be easily (as usual) accessed and opened.

I have an internal Seagate 2Tb HDD that is the master drive (windows is on it). In the morning the PC was working fine no problems. I went away from it and came back and the screen had gone black with an error message saying "insert bootable media, no bootable drive found". Does the same thing on power up every time. The HDD makes a funny beeping sound on starting the PC now. I have tried it in another PC as a secondary HDD and it is still not being recognised at all by Windows. The drive sounds like it starts up but unsure if it is spinning or not. Nothing has happened to the drive to make this happen and I haven't installed anything recently either. The drive is partitioned into 3 separate partitions (C:Windows, D:Documents and E:Games). I have a lot of documents and photos on the drive that I don't want to lose. The main section of data I would want to recover is email data from the C drive and everything on the D drive. The games one isn't as important.

I have a Samsung M3 Portable 2TB Hard-drive formatted in exFAT which I use on my MacBook Pro. I probably have around 1.2TB of data that is stored on there. Recently, it has been quite temperamental – it will work but if I moved the wire, laptop, or the hard drive it would automatically cut off the connection. However, now, I can't seem to get PCs, Laptops, or MacBooks to recognise it at all. The harddrive powers on every time and I can hear it whirring. The light turns on for a period of time, before blinking 3 times and turning off.

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