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Seagate, Samsung and Buffalo hard drive problems

I have a 1TB Samsung S2 portable HDD drive, and is no longer recognising on my mac and other devices, flashing LED indicates that it is read/write but nothing can be found. normally by holding it I can feel it reading but currently I get no vibration at all. It hasn't had impact or been dropped. I really need to have this data as has all my music, movies etc.

samsung s2 hddRecently my 5tb external hard drive fell onto the floor at the height of 18" However this has caused it to stop responding. I have removed the hard drive from the external chasis and placed into a working computer and the drive is not being recognised by the BIOS. I have further opened the drive to check the internals. The header readers appear to be in the parked position and does not look like there is any damage to header reader pins. I suspect either the platters cannot spin up or header mechanic to read across the platers maybe damaged. Could not be sent back to seagate as the external drive was a gift. The data on the drive it not really that important i am looking to get a quote for the drive repaired IF it can be. If the cost of the repair exceeds the price of a new drive then it will not be worth it.

I dropped my Buffalo External hard drive on the floor , and now I am not able to access data on the drive The details of the actual drive is as below : Samsung/ model HD103UJ, HDD P/N : HD103UJ/JP1 I have around 300GB of data in there – please let me know approximate costs of retrieving the data. Would be great if you can provide me some info on the process you follow.

Single HD partition C is still working fine, but partition D with all the data is showing as Disk 0 Unknown Not Initialized. I think it is a 1 or 2TB drive. WD 1TB My Passport Ultra, dropped on the floor and now makes a beeping noise when connected to the computer; computer doesn't recognise that it is connected. (1) Please can you email me the estimated cost for data recovery, (I am currently aboard so rather not have a callback). (2) Can I take the hard drive directly to your Chiswick branch? if so, what are your opening hours?

To answer your questions, it doesn't matter what make your storage media is, Buffalo, Seagate and Samsung all use the same types of hard drive. To discover what's the problem with it will require us to look at the hard drive and diagnose it. This is a free service. If you decide you go ahead with the recovery the cost is usually about £500.

Seagate Hard Drive Stopped Working

Seagate logoThis week I've received quite a few enquiries from readers with broken Seagate hard drives. In all cases the data on the drives is valuable, so I can't give the simple advice of simply telling them to buy another hard drive. Instead, we have to look at data recovery options, and the best link I found was this one to Data Clinic's Seagate page.

  • Seagate external hard drive not responding when plugged in. Tried plugging into several computers. The light shows up on the hard drive so the power cord is working and the hard drive can turn on but we cannot access files because the computer will not recognize it.
  • My Seagate 1TB 3.0 external hard drive is not being detected on my Mac. It is not visible in disc utility or on any other computer. I have only used it once before, when I put my files on it and which I now need to access. I am hoping to retrieve my files but am very concerned as the drive cannot be detected for some reason.
  • I have an old Seagate 500 MB hard drive which was working until recently, though my computer's abilty to recognise it was erratic. I bought another hard drive, but have recently lost that (!) and I can't get the seagate to be read by my computer anymore. The light comes on (it has an external power supply) but it doesn't flash anymore.

So, three problems there, all to do with Seagate hard drives. If you are unfortunate enough to be hit with data loss, the best advice I can give you is don't panic, as the actions you take are crucial to resolving whether you'll be getting your data back or not. If in doubt, I advise leaving data recovery to professional specialists like Data Clinic to retrieve your files.

Helium Hard Drives begin shipping

Hitachi He6 hard disk drive

Hitachi has formally started shipping the initial drive to have a helium filling, as a way to increase capacity by around 40 percent when compared with conventional mechanical drives a notion it first revealed in 2012. How does the He6 hard drive perform ? - Get a review here.

In September 2012 HGST declared plans to improve capability and efficiency of its own business - level hard-drives by filling them with helium as opposed to the air generally used. The helium, the organization maintained, worked to lessen the drag acting in the disk platters due to getting a density only 1/7 that of atmosphere. Lower drag indicates a motor, less heat generation, and the capacity to cram the platters nearer together.

The very first helium filled drive is currently shipping to customers, the business has validated, with initial reactions proving favorable really.

With conventional air filled high capacity drives having just five, that equals a 40 percent hike in storage room.

The Ultrastar He6, to supply the drive its complete name, packages 6TB of storage into one 3.5" drive using a selection of SATA-III or SAS connectivity. Just like the organization's prototypes, this notable ability originates from seven individual platters - while the drive itself is, curiously, some 50g lighter compared to the air filled five-platter 4TB Ultrastar 7K4000 at 640grams.

Unfortunately, while HGST Japan declared the transport of the drives late last week as well as the organization's US arm followed suit before this week, neither are however prepared to supply pricing - however, with the business marketplace firmly in its sights, be prepared to pay a sizeable premium over existing 4TB versions.

The firm also plans to utilize the technologies in its potential heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) drives to help foster capacities.

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