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February 2017 - Reader Questions

Hello everyone. In this post I'd like to discuss some problems relating to computer equipment sent to me by readers of this blog.

 I accidentally reset my windows phone nokia lumia 950xl by mistake and I lost the videos and photos from the period of one week, but it was the important week so I'd like to get those photos and videos back. If you can help please contact me the number above. hello, I have 5 mobile phones that are in various states of not working that I would like to recover the photos etc from, Can you help?

1TB External hard drive stopped working randomly (worked the night before, didn't the next morning). Likely problem is the connection gate is broken and had come loose, thus the cable was disconnected mid-operation. Some suggested lost partitions (tried some softwares but found no partitions) and it still seems to say NTFS not RAW. Making grinding/buzzing noise, wants to format etc. I have about 600GB of vitally important data in there.

RAIDI have a 5big Lacie NAS that has 5x 2TB disks and 2 disks have failed and appears as New Disk whilst 3 show as inactive. I believe I have not lost my data as the RAID could be running in degraded mode. Have attempted deep search with Easus. Lost partition requires data recovery (if possible) for user daviid.westwell only.

Disk is Toshiba SATA MQ01ACF032 I also have a duplicate disk of above for donor parts I am a contractor so costs will be incurred by me and not the company I work for. This is my daughters wD my Passport for Mac. She is a student and has both "RAW" images and jpegs as part of her photography course. The unit I believe is 2TB. It was dropped. The white led light comes on when plugged into a laptop and also the disk feels like it is spinning. A "My Passport" icon appears on the "devices and printers screen" on the laptop to show the drive is recognized by the laptop however she cannot access any content from the external drive. Dropped hard drive, can't connect anymore to mac laptop

Four bay Seagate NAS in RAID 5 setup (4x2tb drives) only around 25% used. NAS showing as 'empty' drive folder with 'RAID 5' status as 'failed'. Web interface showed drive 3 and 4 missing, but later showed all four again with status 'good'. The physical NAS bay shows drive 3 as failed now, with SMART test failed. Drive had been slow, then Wednesday it stopped working.

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