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Getting Back Missing Data

geting data backHello in this post I'd like to share with you some of the messages I've received lately from people missing data from hard drives and smartphones.

  • I have an external hard drive, which has become unresponsive so I am unable to get the files from it. I've taken it into shops who have tried to put the drive in a new external drive and also a docking station. Neither have worked so they believe the problem is with the hardware. The motor on the drive is also not working. I have lots of files, particularly photos that I am desperate to recover, and I am told my only hope is with a specialist. I live in the Maidstone area (Leybourne) and was wondering if this might be something you could help with?
  • Western Digital 250Gb 2.5" HDD WD2500BEVT -00A0RT0 became slow to access while i was tidying up prior to kicking off a new cloud sync. (talk about timing…!) Wish I'd found this page first as been trying to recover first with a Chkdsk then with Linux recovery (Knoppix). Knoppix will not mount drive. Disk does get seen by windows but will not access to a point that explorer hangs and resets (working with Win10). tried using across sata and with an external usb doc to no success. Drive contains ~40Gb of images.
  • My daughter has a document of which is extremely important as it is for her GCSE of which has to be submitted this week and the document has disappeared. It was written on an Apple Mac powerbook in Pages and when she tried to access it yesterday an automatic message appeared to update Pages and when she did this it would not allow her to open it, with an error message saying The Alias cannot be found, we called Apple and they told us to update the operating system to El Capitan of which we have done and now the document has completely disappeared, please can you let me know if this is something that you can help us with urgently
  • I have an external hard drive which has been damaged due to a fall and now won't read any data. Would it be possible for me to drop it off at your office for a survey/repair?
  • WD 2 TB external hard drive doesn't power up right and clicking noise is audible. Suspected head issue.
  • Prestige portable hard drive 31868600 lighting up but disc not turning, possibly 500gb not sure. Looking to recover family photos, word and excel docs.
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Was damaged when dropped and further damaged by repair company 'fixing' screen. Unit is dead and contains unique photos including new baby. Phone is in Aberdeen.

 As usual I can usually resolve the problems on these devices so get in touch for more details.

Data Recovery on SSD Hard Drives

SSD hard driveIn this post we look at rescuing the data from unresponsive SSD hard drives that have stopped working. If you need to understand what an SSD hard drive is you can click this link to Wikipedia

SSD Data Recovery

Question: I have a Seagate 500MB external hard drive SSD which I have had for about 3-4 years. I was using it to view files when it froze, so I switched off the laptop after waiting a while and now the drive is not recognised anywhere, including disk + device management. When plugged in, it initially makes a low beep/buzz that sounds as if the disk is trying to spin but the head is stuck. Soon after, the light starts the flash. Then the noise stops and the light continues to flash. I would desperately like to retrieve the data from it.

Answer: I suggest your disk is a hybrid drive (containing both SSD and HDD characteristics) rather than a full SSD as you mention that they hard drive is trying to spin. SSD hard drives have no moving parts and instead store the data on large memory chips. SSD data recovery is quite different to HDD recovery and exponents such as Data Clinic in the UK are masters at retrieving the data from SSD hard drives.

Retrieve Data from a Bitlocked SSD Hard Drive

Question: I have an external SSD hard drive that I was trying to Encrypt with Microsoft bitlocker. During the encryption process the PC turned itself off. The hard drive is now locked and I can’t unlock it with the password I set or the recovery key. It states that it is not recognised. Can you recover the data in the hard drive, reformat the hard drive and put this data back on?

Answer: It might be possible to retrieve the data from your SSD hard drive. It far easier to manipulate the firmware microcode on an SSD that it is on an HDD and because of this, SSD's can often be programmed to release their data far more easier. Whether it's possible to recover the data from your SSD will depend upon what type of drive it is, what the fault is, and whether we are able to write a program to overcome the problem.

Ask Me !

For any type of hard disk problem, please ask me - I can usually help.

Retrieve Files From Phone and HDD

Retrieve Files From Phone
Hi there, having a major breakdown at the moment… I've smashed my internal screen on my galaxy s7 and I can't recover my Images … I can't afford to lose them and I'm running out of options… Is there any way of saving them

Hi, I recently managed to get my phone wet, it was not submerged but pretty badly surface wet. The device turns on however the screen does not. It stays black, it also does not register my finger touches. It will however detect the pen, and i can hear the clicks when i tap apps, the power options and also the volume switch sounds. I wish to recover all my photographs and contacts from the phone. It sometimes connects to my laptop but the storage is empty. I believe that without being able to navigate to the developer menus I cannot activate usb mode. Please advise on how I can get the memory dump from it. Im not so concerned about the state of the phone, I just wish to get images off it.

Retrieving Hard Disk Data
I've got a WD passport external hard drive. Suddenly became 'unrecognised' in the g drive on my laptop. I've tried on another computer but same happened. Also makes a ticking sound when plugged in the USB port like something is catching. Data on hard drive is mainly word documents from degree and films. Some photos on there also

"Cyclic redundancy check". Some folders and files cannot be read, returning the above message while trying to access them. Other files/folders can be easily (as usual) accessed and opened.

I have an internal Seagate 2Tb HDD that is the master drive (windows is on it). In the morning the PC was working fine no problems. I went away from it and came back and the screen had gone black with an error message saying "insert bootable media, no bootable drive found". Does the same thing on power up every time. The HDD makes a funny beeping sound on starting the PC now. I have tried it in another PC as a secondary HDD and it is still not being recognised at all by Windows. The drive sounds like it starts up but unsure if it is spinning or not. Nothing has happened to the drive to make this happen and I haven't installed anything recently either. The drive is partitioned into 3 separate partitions (C:Windows, D:Documents and E:Games). I have a lot of documents and photos on the drive that I don't want to lose. The main section of data I would want to recover is email data from the C drive and everything on the D drive. The games one isn't as important.

I have a Samsung M3 Portable 2TB Hard-drive formatted in exFAT which I use on my MacBook Pro. I probably have around 1.2TB of data that is stored on there. Recently, it has been quite temperamental – it will work but if I moved the wire, laptop, or the hard drive it would automatically cut off the connection. However, now, I can't seem to get PCs, Laptops, or MacBooks to recognise it at all. The harddrive powers on every time and I can hear it whirring. The light turns on for a period of time, before blinking 3 times and turning off.

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