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Hard drives not recognised.

Can't read drive Hdd: WD750 Scorpion Blue. Disk stop working, bios recognise it but "can't read a disk" message on screen. Plates are spining and some 'click' sound before system losing conection. Full spec of the problem is listed at

a computer's hard disk driveNo data on WHS2011 Two mirrored data drives on WHS 2011. the mirrored drive has a mechanical problem (ticking noises) and is clearly faulty. When removed, WHS identified original master hard disk as "Foreign", and so I "imported" it, but it then required setup as one of a number of types. i am not sure whether the import has already destroyed the data, or whether one of the subsequent steps will do that. I have also bought a near identical replacement for the mirror and installed that (but not configured it yet). However, WHS is now reporting the master hard disk as bad and won't oncepast the initial WHS load image just gives a blank screen.

Hard drive not recognised I have an internal hard drive that is no longer recognised by the computer. It is a Samsung Model HD501LJ 500GB. Power appears to be getting to the drive but there is just a clicking noise. Ther are a lot of photos that I would like to recover as well as music and documents. Please could you give me a quote for recovery of the photos/docs etc.

Dropped external hard drive I dropped my External Hard disk (Samsung M3 portable 2TB) . It is making a noise and it is not recognized on any computer.

Hard drive dropped about half a metre in it's external case. It switches on but fails to read when plugged into the laptop. This is obviously a mechanical failure, I took it apart and I could see the swing arm stuttering. What is a quote on getting this hard drive (Seagate 1TB – 10 years old) going again?

Hard Drives Need Data Off

Dropped laptop and then it was being very slow. I then turned it off and when I switched it back on it came up with the following message: "repairing disk errors – might take over an hour to complete". It has been hours and nothing has changed.

The hard drive on my laptop is damaged (due to being closed with force) and comes up with an error message when you try to turn it on. All I want is to retrieve the pictures of my son, I don't need anything else. If you could help that would be great!

Buffalo HDHSQ

An external hard drive, a Buffalo HD-HSQ(V2) Drive Station Combo 4, is failing to mount and be read by computers. It makes clicking noises for 30 seconds when powered but other wise cannot be read.

Drive does not open when connected to computer, able to hear the drive spinning when powered up but unable to find the drive – seagate barracuda 2Tb. How much would it cost to repair/recover the data from this drive?

The external hard drive is a WD5000AAKB-00UKA0. It fell over on the table and the laptop now fails to recognise it. On startup the sieve rotates and tries to initiate but after a number of attempts it shuts down.

My computer (MacBook) doesn't recognise my external hard drive (Samsung). It does make a sound and the light is on but it doesn't appear on the desktop. It happens when I was copying some files from the drive to the computer and my computer froze and needed to restart Finder but then the drive didn't appear any longer.

When I plugged in the hard drive, it emits a periodic mechanical beep/grind. I unplugged the drive relatively quickly. It hasn't been dropped etc.

I have a verbatim external hard drive that is no longer being recognised on any lap top or pc. I was wondering if you could give me a quote for how much it would cost to retrieve the data.

I dropped the hard drive from about 1.5m in height and it hit a table on its way down. I plugged the hard drive in to check if it still worked and got a clicking noise for a few seconds then it went quiet but could not be found when opening windows explorer. However when I went to eject the disk safely it was recognised as a device there. I'm trying to get a quote for how much it would cost to recover the data from the drive.

How much does it cost to recover data from an external hard drive. It is a Seagate SATA drive, the power light comes on but the computer does not recognise it is connected. i have a toshiba canvio 4tb drive the pcb is faulty the model number is MD04ACA400 HDETR11GEA51 G3626A 3.5 inch could you source a new board for me

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